Saturday, June 30, 2012

Possible Use Case: Baby Name Choice - Collection of Thoughts and Feelings

Something internal: There was a break in the latershare blog posting series that had a great reason: The birth of my second child, Jakob. The last two month I have enjoyed the intense time with my family.

By the way, previous to birth I noticed another possible use case for latershare:

Review of proposed names for your child.

With a latershare request per proposal. One wants to make undisturbed thoughts on the suitability of these names and share thoughts with your partner - but she also wants to make undisturbed thoughts.
As soon as the opinions are on the same table, this is a good basis for sensible conversation about them. And who wants to can also incorporate others.

We have yet used the quasi latershare principle on paper. But it is also possible to use this online tool.