Friday, September 23, 2011

"Slow Time" Communication

Jason Fried from 37signals (author of "Getting Real" and "Rework") discusses in a CBC interview meetings vs. communicating with passive communication tools - as aggregated in this blog entry:

  • "Communication doesn’t always have to be in real time. It can be in what we call “slow time.” You can post something and three hours later someone can get back to you and then four hours later someone else can get back to you. And everything will work out just fine.

    Slow time is “Maybe it takes two or three days to have this conversation. And we do it over periods of 15 minutes here, two minutes there, four minutes there.” And that’s fine. It doesn’t need to happen all at once. Unless it’s really, incredibly, truly urgent. (Which most things aren’t. They’re made out to be that way, but they really aren’t that important.)

    Meetings basically make things happen all at once. And that means you’re pulling a bunch of people off their work to have this “right now” conversation. It’s very disruptive for a bunch of people. So if they can communicate over a long period of time instead, it’s much better."
He is so right. latershare is a slow time communication type. We believe that there are alternatives to meeting communication that are better regarding time efficiency, cost savings, originality - and more to-the-point.

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